Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Vivian DeSouza sdb
WADALA, MARCH 13, 2012: The Marriage Cell of the parish organized a seminar on Anger Management for the parishioners of March 08, 2012. This was a program offered as a Lenten observance and part of their Parish enrichment strategy for the year. It was heartening to see that over a hundred parishioners responded and benefited from the session that was held from 5.00 to 6.30pm in the school hall.  Mrs. Leena D'Silva led through a gospel sharing session on anger, at the very beginning.
The animator for the evening was Mrs. Genevieve Paddikal from Mount Carmel parish and part of the Diocesan Family Team at Mahim. She made us reflect on whether we had an anger problem and how we were coping with it. Being a Psychologist and Counsellor she then took us through the various manifestations of anger and its consequences and veered us slowly around to suggest ways and means whereby we could handle and channelize this  powerful emotion for our own good and the good of others. She also brought home to us the fact that Anger is a virtue that needs to be harnessed and help us to grow.  The Session concluded with a handout on thirteen steps towards Anger Management that was given to each participant.

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