Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Cl. Joyston Machado sdb
NASHIK, MARCH 13, 2012: "Learn as much as you can; not for yourself, but for the students whom you will teach."

The First Year Bachelor of Philosophy brothers attended the Scout Masters' Camp at the Scout Centre, Mahamarg, Nashik from March 4, 2012 to March 10, 2012. Out of the forty five participants, fifteen were Divyadaan brothers while the rest were teachers from various neighboring schools in Nasik.

Miss Angeline Bhakre, an A.L.T Scout Master, along with four other competent personalities, was asked to train the campers since she was well-versed with the scouting terminology in different languages. The mornings were colored with daily jobs, breakfast, flag break, etc. There were sessions conducted that helped learn the basics of scouting. The theory was very well combined with practical sessions. What the participants learnt during the mornings was evaluated during the afternoons by the Scout Master and her assistants. Besides this, there was an outpour of wonderful thoughts and insights from various eminent personalities in the scouting world. It was indeed very beautiful to hear their experiences and to come to know their views on scouting.

The Scout Masters' Camp was a double venture wherein the attendants were taught various skills of scouting and on the other hand they had to contribute to the course by way of participation through songs, games and other activities. The one week intense Scout Masters' Camp came to a completion on March 10, 2012.

This training camp was a unique experience. The opportunity of attending the Scout Masters' Camp was indeed a wonderful moment for the First Year Bachelor of Philosophy brothers in getting to know and lead youngsters as Scout Masters. The laws and tenets of scouting if well observed help in building disciplined and committed individuals in society. The Holy Eucharist was a central part of the brothers' lives during these days. Their prayer moments attracted many others to question them regarding their life as Salesian religious. One thing that has indeed played a major role was the way the brothers interacted with other individuals. Many participants were from different cultures, backgrounds and language. Nevertheless, towards the end of the camp, they promised to be good friends and build good relationships. A 'big thanks' is the brothers' expression of gratitude for the opportunity given for attending the camp.

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