Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Cl. Vivian Andrews sdb
NASHIK, MARCH 14, 2012: The brothers of the first and second year B.Ph and two from the M.Ph (INB) underwent a very practical yet in depth training in Salesian Youth Ministry, on March 12- 13, 2012 conducted by Fr. Ajoy (Vice-provincial – INB) and Fr. Glenford Lowe (DBYS – Matunga, Mumbai). The course was organized at an opportune time keeping in mind the summer apostolate to be conducted by the brothers soon.
Fr. Ajoy began by enlisting the different aspects of growth that need to be touched upon during a youth ministry programme, the intellectual and spiritual together with the human and physical dimensions, which sum up to the holistic development of the individual. One could observe how the 'church- parish- school- playground' of Don Bosco was in sync with the four pillars of education of the UNESCO as well as with the ideas of management guru Stephen Covey. The need and importance of having a good vision was stressed together with a plan of clear objectives, a smart strategy and practical lines of action aligning with it.
The what, why and how of an EPP (Educative Pastoral Plan) was introduced to the brothers after which they prepared an EPP for the respective type (Summer Clubs Camps of the urban as well as rural setup, street children, technical institute, English Speaking Camps, Vocation Camps) of ministry they will be serving in. The sharing of the EPP's which followed, opened minds to new frontiers and hitherto unthought-of possibilities. The EPP's involved the four main dimensions for Salesian activity, that is, Education and Culture, Evangelization and Catechesis, Groups and Movements and Vocational Accompaniment. These had to be interwoven into a 'calendar for the month' which was promptly prepared by the brothers. Creativity, vision and foresight highlighted the presentations of the various calendars. The positivity of each area being appreciated, the unforeseen eventualities, flaws and loopholes were promptly and frankly pointed at the end of each sharing. Towards the fag end, the brothers expressed their personal learning experience during the course coupled with a commitment to plan and prepare for the apostolate.
The brothers expressed their thanks to Frs. Ajoy and Glenn for their time and the sharing of their insightful ideas and experience. The brothers have a look of confidence about them and a promising readiness for the apostolate not undermining a little anxiety vis-à-vis planning and preparation. Whatever be the odds they will beat the heat better this summer and promise to leave their Legacy!!!

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