Monday, March 19, 2012


Amira Peter 
MARCH 19, 2012: On Thursday, March 15, 2012 a special mass and a fellowship was arranged for all the couples married in 2008 and 2009 as part of an on-going program for recently married couples. It was attended by about twenty three couples and a few singles (spouses were at work / travelling).

The Programme began with the Eucharist at 7.15 pm celebrated by the parish priest. The liturgy was well prepared keeping the marriage theme in mind. A PowerPoint presentation during the homily emphasized that LOVE, HUMILITY AND FORGIVENESS are the cornerstone of every marital relationship. It was followed by a brief personal sharing for each couple regarding things they appreciated in each other. The liturgical singing was animated by the melodious voices of the school children. The Eucharist was followed by a presentation on the various Parish activities by Amira Peter in order to increase the couples' awareness of the various Parish activities and to offer them an opportunity to contribute their talents to the parish community.

Snacks were served as couples left the church to move to the courtyard for the fellowship Program. The hymn "Bind us Together Lord" set the mood for the evening. Several Ice-breakers like forming groups according to the month of marriage, according to birthdays and according to year of birth and then introducing themselves were played. Ice-breakers were played with the sole aim of getting to know each other. Between each ice-breaker, party games were organized to ensure that the couples have an enjoyable time.  Spot prizes were also held to create enthusiasm. The lively music provided by Rohan D'souza kept the couples on their feet.

The evening ended with a round of American Housie. As with most things American, this was an "express" version of the traditional Housie that is usually played. Couples were eliminated if a number called was on their Housie card. The winner was the couple whose numbers had not been called.

All the winners were then called and prizes were distributed. The Program ended with a spontaneous vote of thanks from one of the couples. The parish preist also expressed his appreciation to all the volunteers for their efforts to ensure an enjoyable evening. Nourished and enriched, the couples returned back to their homes not before they made some more friends. Few couples volunteered to be active members in the parish by joining the groups in the parish.

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