Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Bento D'Souza 
AHMEDNAGAR, MARCH 20, 2012: In a population of 1,22 crores Indian, of which sixty five crores are young people in India, and thirty crores are starving, what difference can three hundred youth make? A hell of a Lot!!! What, you may ask? "Three hundred invade towns shouting slogans for Peace. They get the attention of both Hindu and Muslim alike. The youth were felicitated with roses, garlands and shawls along the way. Three hundred do what rival bickering Political parties cannot do. Three hundred disturb the consciences of ethnic groups brought up the in polarity of hatred. Three hundred strive for a Harmonious and Peaceful India. This is what three hundred did, in Ahmednagar District"

From February 25 to March 2, 2012 three hundred youth from all the States in India except Goa, took part in the National Unity and Integration Camp here at Cantonment Lawns, Bhingar, Ahmednagar. The welcome function was attended by Anna Hazare and the Director of National Youth Project Director, Mr. Subba Rao, invoked as 'the living spirit of Mahatma Gandhi,' and Mr Krushna Prakash, DSP, the popular, erudite and versatile champion of Inter-religious harmony also called the 'Singham' of Ahmednagar. The Collector, Mr. Sanjiv Kumar attended as well. 

The mornings were spent in Camp chores, cleaning up and caring for a Municipal Garden in Bhingar, talks, and in-training sessions. The evenings were planned for Peace Rallies in the town of Newasa, Sangamner, Jamkhed, Ahmednagar City and Mukund Nagar volatile areas where Hindus and Muslim congregate in potentially conflictual environments. Each town went all out of its way to welcome the Rally with colourfully costumed paraphernalia and in outfits of Indian culture.

The Peace March of the youth into the towns and cities above reminded all of the re- enactment of the second independence struggle taking centre stage in our land, driven by three hundred young people. The places visited were Ralegaon Siddhi, Hivare Bazar, ideal model village, Sai Baba Sansthan, Tank Museum and historic Fort where Pandit J. Nehru while imprisoned, wrote "The  Discovery of India." In the Fort, the campers took a pledge to work for a 'HOT', that is honest, open and transparent, India and fight the evil of corruption in their personal lives and conduct.

After seven day of live-in, the campers were palpably aflame with the sense of personal worth, a sense of self esteem and the mandate of being on a mission to save the country by their own contribution to National Development by living responsible lives and pursuing noble goals.

The NYP held hands with the NGOs of Ahmednagar to achieve a successful camp and accompany the youth in the direction of their aspirations, Quality of life for all, another name for working for the advance of the Kingdom of God.

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