Monday, March 26, 2012


Bento D'Souza 
NASHIK, MARCH 26, 2012: In March, Lenten recollections were conducted by Fr. Michael Bansode, in partnership with his Multi Media and Music Ministry teams all around the Diocese.  Ashoknagar, Kopergaon, Rahata, Jeuer, Haregaon St. Anne's Nasik and Nagar and St. JB Bhingar have been witnesses to his eloquent preaching and call to Metanoia.

Talks were based on the need for spiritual conversion, preparation for Lent and confession, hunger for the word of Life, and reflections on the death and resurrection of Jesus. The outcomes were restored peace of mind and redemption gained by listening to the Word of God. Many came sad and depressed and went away consoled and alive. Many turned to his message to have their prayer stance re-evaluated.
However, many parishes failed to announce the Lenten retreat in due time. Many pews were empty and many lost an opportunity to attend because of lack of proper publicity and insistence that Lent is an important season to care for one soul and ones relationship with God. What was overpowering in all the different venues and situations was the abundant gift of repentant tears… flowing freely!

On the night of March 24, in St. Anne's Nasik, from 7 pm to 11 pm, hundred youth met for the Lenten recollection and programme. With facts and figures, statistics and stories, Fr. Bansode presented modern Christian life, as he saw it, to the 'Hungry-for-the-Word-of-God' youth of Nasik Town. Through video clippings and shots of The Passion of the Christ, the stubborn, cocooned, abrasive youth of Nasik were brought to the point of tears. Those youth, who normally do not pray were on their knees praying devoutly for the forgiveness of their sins.

Bishop Lourdes Daniel was present with the youth for two hours in the hall. He invited Fr. Michael Bansode to step in to be the new Director of Youth work in the Diocese.

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