Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Cl. Johnson Kshirsagar
VIRAR, APRIL 10, 2012: The Passion service on Good Friday was held in the open-air at Resurrection Church, Virar (E). The area was crowded, and the faithful were stirred to recall Christ with the breaking of the word of God. Fr. Elson Baretto sdb, in his homily gave a detailed story of Christ's Love.

There were sentiments felt as the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. John was sung by the Missionary Fr. Elson, and the Choir. The almost two hour long service concluded in silence as the faithful departed to their homes in meditative moods.

Resurrection Church, Don Bosco, Manuel Pada Road were blest to have Fr. Elson Barretto for this service. The Good Friday services will not be easily erased from the minds of the participants. With the choir, great in the signings, accompanied on the new- Key board of the church, played by the youth, did make the difference.

May the Easter season bring to our homes, the Peace and the blessings of the Risen Lord. Happy Easter to one and all. 

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