Thursday, April 12, 2012


Cl. Charlin Chandran sdb and Fr. Brian Moras sdb
LONAVLA, APRIL 12, 2012: The "Youth Pasch" 2012 (YP '12) from April 4-8, saw forty one participants consisting of nineteen boys, seventeen girls, four clerics and an animating team of five Salesians  and a Salesian Sister, reach Lonavla to experience our Lord Jesus in His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

It was a wonderful group - a blend of both the working and the post XII youngsters. The highly professional and disciplined nature of the seniors and the eccentric, candid and spontaneity of the teenagers created a fabulous atmosphere of friendship, love, trust and openness, which resulted in the success of the gigantic event. 
The dawn of each new day made the youngsters realize the worth of their life and the price that Jesus paid to redeem them. The various activities conducted during the 'Youth Pasch' left an indelible make in the hearts of the youngsters. The youngsters were deeply touched with the 'Exodus, Prayer Garden and the Empty Tomb' experience with a few of them shedding tears at the group sharing. The profound insight of the youngsters into life and the changes they intend to bring stands as a proof of their involvement and participation in the various activities of the 'Youth Pasch'.

The Youth Pasch was indeed a time of renewal and spiritual growth for many of the participants. One individual even confessed that he availed the sacrament of reconciliation after thirteen long years. Most of the participants were interviewed by Fr. Brian before they enrolled for this experience and this helped them in getting focused on their motivations for joining the Pasch.

The youngsters on the Easter morning pledged to carry on the experience of the 'Pasch' into their personal and professional lives. The painstaking efforts of the animating nucleus under the guidance of Fr. Glenford Lowe, Fr. Brian Moras and Sr. Mary Cherian, who meticulously planned and executed the various activities of the 'Pasch'  was mightily blessed by our Lord. The youngsters were also very much mesmerized by the way the Salesians conducted themselves, the creativity in all that they did and their community life and spirit. Kudos Salesians!!! Viva Don Bosco!!! We thank the house of Lonavala- especially dear Bro. Savio D'Mello sdb, for going out of their way in making this Pasch a big success. The reunion of YP '12 has been scheduled for the month of May.

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