Thursday, May 3, 2012

BIS #2922 Power of the Mind

BIS Mumbai                                  


Power of the Mind


MATUNGA, 3 MAY, 2012;  On 30 April,  the Shelter boys and the Summer camp Children at Wadala Church experienced what the human mind can do without using the hands,  feet  and even without five senses. Mr.Lior Suchard from Israel, would know what is written on a piece of paper, most secretly, without reading it. It was amazing to see how he could bend a coin, or a fork without touching them. He could also get this done through any one whom he would touch.  He could tell the value of the currency note and even its serial no. without looking at it.

He performed for about forty five minutes. Before this event he had a press conference with the media persons especially from the Times of India group. The whole event was organised by the Israeli Consulate as part of their sixty forth  Independence Day being celebrated on 2 May.




Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA

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