Monday, May 28, 2012


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Heather Fonseca

POLAND, MAY 28, 2012: The day of our final performance had arrived at last. All of us were grateful for the rigorous practice we had put into the past few days thanks to our multiple performances in the schools. We were also convinced of our standards through the response we received from the various audiences and the fact that after almost every show we were surrounded by students asking for our autographs as well as our photos.

However that didn't mean that we were without anxiety. As usual we began our day at the Lord's Supper and invoked his assistance in all that we had to do. The celebration of the Eucharist was followed by breakfast after which we proceeded to set up our Indian exhibition as per the agenda of the day.

At 1:30 in the afternoon we began the exhibition displaying various Indian artifacts given to us by Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, such as diyas, carpets, brass ornaments, leaf paintings, jewelry, wooden articles, Indian paintings, etc. People coming to see this exhibition showed keen interest in the articles. Many even asked the price of the articles and if they were on sale. The Rangoli was a big attraction with people sitting around it and posing for photographs.

Next we had a quick rehearsal of the dances we were to put up later that evening. This done we were left only with time enough to change into our costumes and proceed to the Hall.

Our show began at 5:00 pm. The greatest challenge for all of us was the change of costumes in between dances. The beauty was that our troop rose to the occasion and helped one another in being so quick as to be ready by the time Ms. Heather Fonseca introduced the subsequent dances in the programme. When we needed a longer break, Fr. Isaac Arackaparambil stepped in and engaged the crowd by telling them more about India and our group thus giving us sufficient amount of time to get ready for our next performance. The show was a great success and everybody enjoyed it. Commenting on the performance, Fr. Peter, Rector of the Institution, Fr. Christopher, Director of the festival and some others said that India truly outshone the other performances in the Festival because of the colour, the energy and the momentum of the troop.

Our show was followed by the Mongolian performance and then a few Indonesian dances and music. These were all very creative and colourful. During the break a few of us offered the put mehendi for people who were interested. It was amazing to see the crowds gather and the popularity of the Indian art grow so much.

As it grew dark we headed into the hall where we were entertained by a band concert at 9.00 p.m. They played such lively music that the audience was urged onto the dance floor. The final show of the evening was a fire show. The performers displayed various forms of gymnastics in their dances along with fiery sticks and other imposing objects. With this show the festival concluded for the day.

We are filled with sentiments of gratitude to the Salesian Province of Mumbai for having given us youngsters this unique and lifetime opportunity of being participants at this Cultural Festival and to the Salesians at Rozanystok in Poland for extending this invitation. We are glad that we represented India and have truly done us proud.

With one more day of the festival remaining, the remaining days have been assigned for site seeing. We look forward to a continual enrichment as we relish Poland.


Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA

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