Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, sdb

MATUNGA JULY 24, 2012:   Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications launched the new book entitled “Letting Go - The Healing Power of Grieving” by Martin D’Souza.  Fr. Edwin D’Souza, sdb, Rector of the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna, released the book during the Eucharistic celebration and presented the first copy of the book to the author    Mr. Martin D’Souza.   A copy of the book was also given to Mr. Simplicio D’Souza who is currently working with Carnival Cruise Lines as Chief Security Officer.   His mother had succumbed to ovarian cancer a few years ago.

Mr. Martin D’Souza is a journalist and an author.  He has worked with the Free Press Journal, the Indian Post, the Independent and the Times of India.  The book has been written in the first person account of people who have lost those close to them and their world has come crashing down.  It is about those who have struggled with their grief and have finally “Let Go’.    ‘Letting Go’ dwells on the pain of the loss, the time taken to reconcile, the process of questioning God, the period of mourning and finally coming to the realization that life must go on and that death is not the end.  Martin D’Souza the author of this book has worked for the past 3 years interviewing people from different walks of life who were struck with grief and how they accepted the reality and let go and make meaning in life.  Death is a reality and we do not know the hour or time when it will strike us.  We need to prepare ourselves to face the truth.

Once Life asked Death, “ Why do People Love Me?  But Hate You?
Death responded, “Because   you are a beautiful lie.  And I am a Painful truth’
Death is the beginning of a spiritual relationship.  Remember that those who have departed from us are with us as a loving presence to strengthen us (Wisdom 38:1-2)

Mr. Martin D’Souza thanked the publisher Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, sdb and the staff of Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications for the professional approach in publishing and the excellent quality of printing of the book.  He thanked Fr. Edwin D’Souza for releasing the book and all the people who had contributed their experiences towards making the book a success.   A special thanks to Verona Vaz for editing his book. 

The book “Letting Go” is available at Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications Bookstore.  The cost of the book is Rupees one hundred and fifty. Those who wish to purchase the copy may log on to www.tejonline.com or write to Tej-Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Matunga, Mumbai, 400019 or call 65723226/24150680.

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