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Harvesting Drops of Water
Cl. Rudolf D’Souza SDB
LONAVLA, JULY 26, 2012: In keeping with the theme for the Month, on July 16, the School and the Junior College Management of Don Bosco Lonavla, organized an hour long seminar on the topic, ‘Water’.   Among the Resource persons were Mr. Makar Bhagwan Babaso, an English teacher in D. P. Mehta Junior College, Lonavla.  He was instrumental in forming a group of 50 farmers and carried out the NHB scheme successfully.  He also created employment at local level.  Besides Mr. Makar, there was Mr. Bhatane Vyankatrao Manajerao, Secretary and Principal of Gramprabhodhini Vidyalaya, Salumbre Talegaon.  He is also the President of the Principals association, Maval Taluka.
Mr. Makar enlightened the gathering with his insight on  the preciousness of water.  It was obvious that his comments on water management stemmed from a vast experience in the field of farming and horticulture.   He stressed on how young people ought to take responsibility for the natural resources available today.  Mr. Makar on his part, got the students to learn interesting quotes on water and through a play of words brought into focus the issue that the world is facing today.  He also emphasized on the need to act as very soon we would stand face to face with a situation where water would soon be valued the same  as gold.
 This initiative on saving water did not end with the input session alone.  But after the seminar, each student of the School and Junior College was given a sapling to be plant in his or her home.  The students were glad that they could participate in this global movement to save water not only by being informed about the issue but also by replenishing the earth through action by planting a tree. 

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