Monday, July 30, 2012


BIS Mumbai                                  
Ms.Lynette Sequeira

BORIVLI JULY 30, 2012:  Don Bosco celebrated ‘Parents Day’ in a very unique way this year on July 25.  The students of Std. X A along with their Class teacher, Mrs. Ursella Machado went out of their way to express their gratitude to their parents, for all that they do for them every single day.  The students had invited their parents for the morning assembly but the reason for their presence there was a surprise.
 Our young boys enacted a wonderful skit, which aptly depicted how today’s generation is sometimes ashamed to be seen with or associated with their parents; and is completely oblivious of the sacrifices that their parents have made, to ensure that they have a wonderful life.  A beautiful set of videos depicted the point of view of the parents as well and spoke about how every parent will eventually grow old.  It voiced the apprehensions of a parent, at being discarded or treated badly by their child in the future; and urged the children not to forget all the love they have constantly bestowed on them through their growing years.  This was a beautiful way to communicate to our young students of Classes 8-10, as they are growing up into adults, and they need to be there for their parents at all times, no matter what. The song ‘You raised me up’ aptly pointed out the role of a parent in the growth, development and success of every individual.  A couple of students also expressed their gratitude to their parents for all that they do.
The entire presentation during the assembly came straight from the heart of our boys and left most of the parents, teachers and even a few of our boys teary-eyed.  Everyone who was present in the school hall was completely overwhelmed with emotions.  The icing on the cake, was that every child went up to his parent and escorted them to the stage.  They presented them with a surprise gift which they had picked up especially for them. Almost all the parents were completely touched by the entire experience because it was so completely unexpected and their children hadn’t dropped a hint about what they had been planning especially for them.  The children also felicitated the Management, their teachers and the support staff who play the role of Parents to our boys, when they are in school.
All the parents who were present were very appreciative and will remember this moment for a long time to come.  We thank the Class Teacher and the Students of Class X A for putting together such a memorable and innovative Parents Day celebration this year.  We’re sure that every parent went home with a smile on their faces and every child left the School Hall with a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude for all that their parents do for them.  

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