Wednesday, August 1, 2012


MUMBAI July 31, 2012 :  The Salesian Cooperators with the help of Prayas Kendra and             Fr Xavier Devadas, Sdb who runs a project for youngsters in the age group of nineteen to twenty five years, at “Shelter” Boy’s Home, Karjat decided to organize a programme for the parents of slum children who come to study in the evening at the three study centres: Don Bosco School, Gorai I and Gorai II wherein Technical training is provided for these school dropouts and street children.  Fr Xavier and the trainee youngsters have devised several eco-friendly apparatuses like different types of chullahs, dehydrators, multi-purpose table, etc, which are used by them and also marketed as a means of funding their training.
 Fr Xavier along with some children demonstrated the three types of chullah and the ‘smokeless’ chullah, by which the smoke released from the chullah does not remain within the space of the home but is released in the air by means of a long pipe.  They had also brought the multi-purpose table which could be used as a study table, dining table or resting pad making minor adjustments
 Fr Xavier highlighted about how these devices were useful and cost effective.  The fuel used for the chullahs were ordinary and throw-away garbage items like paper, cardboard, sticks, twigs, branches, leaves, gobar, charcoal briquettes, etc. The cost of this fuel is negligible compared to the prices of gas and kerosene, which are exorbitant and out of reach of the marginalized class.  The parents  very much appreciated the efforts of Fr Xavier and his work done at the Shelter.
Some Salesian Cooperators along with their delegate, Fr William Falcao accompanied Fr Xavier to the three study centres.  Ms Effie, the Prayas Kendra Coordinator and other volunteers were also present.  The function ended by providing refreshments to the parents and children.  It was a very satisfactory evening and we hope many families of the marginalized class benefit  through the use of these ` devices. 

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