Wednesday, August 1, 2012


BHINGAR, JULY 31, 2012 :   The feast of St Anne and St Joachim was celebrated with the residents of "Matoshree" an Old Age Home serving more than 20 residents and beneficiaries.   It was indeed  an inspiring and touching moment for the parishioners of St. John Church to celebrate with the inmates. This Home cares for the old destitutes who have no one to care for them.  They are given shelter, food, clothing and medical care without any cost.  The residents belong to different religious background but still share the same joy of being together under one roof.  It was Mr. Bafna, the Manager of "Matoshree" who warmly welcomed the Parishioners and gave a brief summary of the activities and goals of the organization.  Mr. Joe Patole, a Parishioner, spoke few words to the residents, to inspire them and convey the purpose of the visit.  He echoed the fact that the residents of the Matoshree are important part of the society and are part of one family.  There was no other day more apt to meet the residents in person, than 26 July 2012, the feast of St Anne and St Joachim, grandparents of Jesus Christ. 

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