Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ms. Manoda Gomes
BORIVILI AUGUST 01, 2012 :  The Annual English Elocution Competition was held on  July, 26, 2012 at Don Bosco High School, Borivli West, for Classes V-X.  On the same day, an assembly was presented by the students of standard Seventh displaying the importance of spoken English through skits and PowerPoint presentations and conveyed the message of how important it is to speak in English in our day to day conversation.
The Programme started with an introduction of the judges, who were well versed in their respective fields. All the participants gave it their best shot and finally the best were given certificates.  For the competition, the participants had to put in their best efforts to compete with each other with the topics given to them, topics such as reciting humorous poems, nature poems, speeches, a dialogue between a parent and a child, expansion of ideas and news reporting in a humorous way were the topics given to the students. The students had to go through the elimination rounds and four best students were selected from each division. The English week was also conducted simultaneously wherein the boys had to make charts related to different topics in English. It was indeed nice to see maximum participation from the students and the event ended successfully.

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