Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ms. Sunita D’Souza

WADALA AUGUST 01,2012 :  The focus has slowly but surely shifted from Co-operatives to Sustainability at the well animated and eye-catching  weekly class assemblies at St. Joseph’s High school, Wadala.  The month of July witnessed a spate of assemblies  at the primary and the secondary level highlighting the theme of ‘the conventional sources of sustainable energy’.  The year 2012 declared as the International year of Sustainable energy has provided an ideal backdrop for our students, along with their class teachers, to scout for information, and disseminate it in ways more than one : riddles, placards, skits, poems and dance  at the assemblies.  The audience comprising the staff, students and parents were fed with a steady diet of resource rich power-point presentations and powerful backdrop scenes.
The focus at all these programmes is the unconventional sources of energy.  Hence if one assembly provided a breathtaking procession of costume clad students symbolizing coal, hydro-energy and petroleum, another discussed the issues of farmers and productivity related issues through an innovative skit.  Still others honored the Sun. our main source of energy, through a vibrant dance, while the sea waves and the wind, the other sources of energy, were depicted glowingly through an array of symbolic costumes.  Solar panels, bio-gas and the hydro-electric plant, also found a mention in the script that unfolded at the assemblies, as other principal sources of ‘Green’ energy. 
The assemblies, besides providing our students the long rope that will help them in their self-belief, have equipped the them with the tools that are necessary to go green, think green and act green!

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