Monday, August 6, 2012


Miss Viola Pires

VIRAR AUGUST 6, 2012 :  The youth of our parish gathered in the church hall on July 29 after the 8 a.m.  Mass.  They were then served some refreshments.  The session began with a beautiful song based on the life of St. John Bosco asking us to live his dream.
There were  thirty  youth  who  attented  this programme.  Fr. Glen was the main speaker at the programme.  He began by asking us what dreams each one of us have for ourselves and for our Parish.  He challenged us to think differently and not to imitate others.  He gave us three  important words that we should always remember : "TO BECOME, TO BELONG AND TO BRIGHTEN" so  that  we make this world around us a Better Place,"
Through an interesting story, he showed us the various challenges we come across in our lives.  He also spoke about how Jesus had similar challenges in his life and He overcame.   Fr. Glen also told us to have goals in our lives and to keep them right in front of us.  The session then came to an end with few words of thanks by Fr. Osborn Furtado and with a beautiful song "Light the Candle" asking us to be the light to brighten the lives of others.  The session was indeed very inspirational and encouraging one.
The youth of our parish thanked Fr. Glen for spending his quality time with us and also our Parish Priest Fr. Lawerence  and Fr. Osborn for organising such a wonderful  session for us.  We look forward for many more sessions to come as we young people strive to make this world a better place.

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