Monday, August 6, 2012


 Bento D’Souza
AHMEDNAGAR  AUGUST 06, 2012 :  Thirty six  Diocesan, Religious Priests and twelve sisters congregated in the NSS Hall, in the Bishops house on 4th August at midday,  to celebrate Vianney’s feast, the patron Saint of Priests. 
The Catholic Bishop of Nashik, Rev Daniel Lourdes mixed freely with his priests as partners in ministry.  The prayer service was conducted by Fr Ravi Tribuvan, the Vicar General.  During the celebration, Awareness was shared on the loneliness, struggles and status of priests in today’s modern world. There were many moments and stages to the day’s process.  The celebration began with fellowship followed by reflective and prayerful moments through the inspirational message by Bishop Daniel Lourdes.
The playful and creative moment, e.g passing the parcels, next, the filmic moment, thanking God for the  gift of the simple yet saintly life of Cure de Ars, the role model for all Priests in the aftermath of the French Revolution, and finally, the eating and parting moment. 
Salesians from Nashik Road and Ahmednagar Road met, affirmed each other and exchanged salutations.  All those who came, went away energized, prepared to take up the challenge of their priestly ministry shepherding God’s people. 

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