Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Bento D’Souza
AHMEDNAGAR August 7, 2012 :  Vocation Day was celebrated in St John Baptist Church, Bhingar on August  during the Marathi Morning Mass.  Fr. Paul D’Silva was the official President of the Eucharist. The celebrating priests, Nelson and Bento were welcomed with garlands at the beginning.  Fr Paul spoke passionately about the gift of the priesthood to the Catholic community in his homily. After the final blessing, the parents of the ordained priests and those to be ordained were allowed to express their sacred feelings of having one’s own son anointed as Christ’s ambassador in the world.
The following parents of the priest and brothers narrated their son’s vocation story: Mr. & Mrs. Patekar from Godhegaon - Fr Francis Patekar SJ. Mr. & Mrs. Bhaurao Tribuvan -Bro. Anthony SJ, Mr. & Mrs. Dillip Tribuvan- Bro Sachin SDB, Mr. & Mrs. Salve-Bro Kiran Salve SDB, Mr. & Mrs. Kadam-Bro Sachin SDB, Mr. & Mrs. Kshirsagar- Bro Johnson SDB were interviewed by compere Mr. Joe Patole on significant emotions that the imminent priesthood of their wards evoked in them.
It turned out to be a veritable Parent’s Day of Priests and to-be-ordained priests at the altar followed by the prayer of Mothers for their priestly sons. The target group to whom the targeted intervention of this vocation day campaign was directed were Mothers and Women, as promoters of God’s Call.
During the evening English Mass, the Shepherd’s Award was awarded to Nondita and Maurice D’Souza for designing a ‘School of Excellence’ in Narayandoha village with creative planning and an insightful educational philosophy.

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