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DON BOSCO DAKOR AUGUST 11, 2012 :   On August 11, first time in the annals of Don Bosco, Dakor a seminar for domestic staff was organized by the Rector Fr. Isaac Arackaparambil and the administrator Bro. Tony Manickam. 

The resource person for the seminar was the Rector, Fr. Isaac himself.  The domestic staff of Pushpanjali, from the FMA community also joined the seminar.  The objective of the seminar was to bring unity among the staff and inculcate the sense of belonging towards the institute.

The seminar began by invoking the Lords name and action prayer song. With the help of PowerPoint presentation Fr. Isaac explained the three categories of workers.  Firstly, those who work just for the sake of working.  Secondly those who work to make their family happy and thirdly those who work to contribute towards God’s kingdom. 

He accepts work as honour from God and goes beyond his limits. Later, the staff were organized in groups to express the mode and type of work they do in their own institute. There was also given time to reflect and evaluate the work they do. Towards the end Fr. Isaac explained the rules a staff has to follow in the institute.

Impact of the orientation was seen on the faces of the staff as the sessions were in progress. Happily and joyfully they took part in the sessions. Some of them expressed that “it should be organised twice a year.”  One of them expressed that in his twelve  years of service this was the important step taken to break the ice between the management and the staff.  The participants thanked Fr. Isaac for his thoughtfulness and creative manner of taking this session.

The seminar ended with a fellowship meal cherishing the community bonding together with the management and the domestic staff.  






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