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Youth President Navin Kujur

NAJAFGARH  DELHI AUGUST  13,  2012 :   On  August  12, for  the  first  time  in  the history and the annals of Najafgarh parish as spoken by the youth themselves and the parish council, “A DAY WITH THE LORD” was organized by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Katara Mathew, sdb.

The resource person for the day with the lord was Rev. Fr. Joseph OCD.  The topic of the day with the Lord was the SIN AND THE FREEDOM.  The objective of the event was to make the youth realize the OUTCOME OF SIN.   There were 50 youth present for the day.

The day with the lord began by invoking the hymn of the Holy Spirit. The talk was given by the resource person and after that Rev. Father Katara Mathew had organized the adoration for one hour where all youth felt the need of confession and  all of them made their confession. The day with the Lord ended with a Holy Mass presided over by Rev, Father Joseph OCD as main celebrant.

Impact of the day with Lord was seen through the happiness on the faces of the youth as the renewal of their lives. All youth expressed that this kind of program must be organised every month so that they may know about the God given gift of life and not go astray. The parish priest Rev. Father Katara agreed to organise this kind of program every second Sunday of the month for the youth. They were all happy and clapped for the simple and holy parish priest. The youth thanked Fr. Joseph OCD for his thoughtfulness and creative manner of conducting this day.

The day with the lord  ended with the exchange of hand shakes and a smile at each other for the new life for this year.  The Youth told the Parish priest that ‘they do not want money, wealth but he be with them and lead them to Jesus.”





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