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KAPADVANJ, AUGUST 18, 2012 :  We at Dristi, Kapadvanj, have for a long time been looking for an opportunity, to reach out to the real youth of Kapadvanj.  We got that opportunity when after the joint venture with two other NGOs in conducting the summer camp in Kapadvanj;  we  initiated talks about continuing the collaboration.  During these talks it was proposed that we involve the college youth of Kapadvanj in the regular activities conducted by our staff in the villages.

Dr. Raval, the Principal of P.B. Science College liked the idea of having the joint venture in collaboration with Don Bosco especially since we are known as an NGO involved in education. He put us in touch with the NSS coordinator Professor Chauhan who was very enthusiastic about collaborating and networking with us for NSS activities.

As the first Semester began a week ago, they invited us for the inaugural and orientation session for the freshmen before they enroll themselves in the NSS.  The session conducted by             Fr. Mayank Parmar  SDB was on motivation building in carrying forward Social work.  His power point presentation, video and audio presentation was very informative and helped to get his message across very easily.

Dr. Raval introduced Fr. Mayank at the start of the session and welcomed him with a bouquet of flowers. Mr. Chauhan, the coordinator of the NSS group briefed the students about the whole programme and the floor was then given to Fr. Mayank. His dynamic presentation could be easily understood by the students. The whole science faculty including Dr. Raval the principal was present till the end of the session of two hours. During the concluding speech, Mr. Raval told the students that that he didn’t want to leave and stayed glued to his chair till the end because the session was so gripping.  Prof. Bhatt a senior professor, in his thanks giving speech declared, that in the history of the college this was the first time a session of this kind was conducted which made the students aware of  their social responsibility and that too in such a short time. Their minds were awakened with the ideas given in the session.

Fr. Mayank concluded the session inviting the youth to Don Bosco centre, Kapadvanj for further clarification, counseling and guidance.

At the end of the day, during a private talk with Mr. Raval and Mr. Chauhan, we were asked to be part of the science college programme and guide students in their endeavors.  They also asked us to chalk out a whole curriculum for the NSS programme which would include sessions on various issues and after adopting a village to help carry out various activities like awareness campaigns through street plays, and the organization of rallies at village, taluka and block level on the concerned issues.





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