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Cl. Anthony Patole

DON BOSCO DAKOR, AUGUST 14, 2012On August 13, at 6:00 pm the Marian Nite was held in the school hall of Don Bosco, Dakor.  The theme for the Marian month and the Nite was “Mata Jo Kalgi rake che.  (Mother who cares).” Boys dressed in the team Uniform gathered in front of the school hall.  Sr. Maria fma and Sr. Andrews graced the occasion during the prayer service.

As per the Indian culture,  boys  entered the hall by washing their feet with water and tikka on the forehead as sign of purification.  As the lamp was lit three Hail Mary were recited to increase faith, hope and love.  Cl. Justus Mendis venerated the statue of our blessed mother with garland and declared the Marian Nite open.

Throughout the Marian month there was various competition and tournaments like: drawing, skits, quiz, singing along with prayer services and rosary.  The culmination of the whole Marian month was Marian Nite for which the boys were anxiously waiting. 

Boys well  in advance started preparing small Grotto, Badges, crowns and placard for their teams.  Boys dedicated their recreation time in preparation towards the Marian Nite, expressing their love towards our blessed mother.

Each team venerated the blessed mother in their own style.  Boys actively and happily participated in all the games during the Marian Nite.  Joy and happiness was seen on the faces of the boys. 

Sr. Vandana fma judged the teams for their placards, grotto, badges and dress.  Bro Tony Manikam judged the drawings for the boys.  Sr. Sybil and Master Ashwin corrected the answer of the puzzles, crosswords and quiz.  Games were fully centered on our Blessed mother using hymn book and scriptures.

Team Lourdes and team Mount Mary were the runners-up with 164 and 145 points respectively.  Team Fatima were crowned winners for the  over all performance of the month with 167 points. 

Fr. Ignatius  Macwan,  Sr. Sybil and Sr. Vandana crowned and distributed prizes to the winning team members.     Sr. Sybil,  Sr. Vanadana and Master Ashwin, coordinated in organizing the Marian Nite.  It was a memorable evening due to the hardwork and dedication of the boys.  Thanks to all those who made themselves available in organizing the Marian month and nite.      



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