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Cl. Patole Anthony

DAKOR, AUGUST 18, 2012 :  Being aware to the needs of the people and the students Don Bosco Dakor has entered into 3 new ventures.

1.      Tuition Classes.

Studying the needs of the students in Dakor, especially our boarders the community has felt the need to start the tuition classes.  This tuition classes have been made open to the students outside the boarding. The boarding boys have responded to this venture very positively and they are making full use of it. Mr. Girish a localite takes classes for standards 5th, 6th 7th and 8th in Mathematics and Science. Sr. Sibi, Sr. Bela and the two Salesian clerics take tuition from standards 5th to 10th in English. The day scholars and the boarding girls from Pushpanjali (fma house) are making use of the available opportunity. The house is trying to make best of possibilities available.

2.      English medium School.

The long awaited priority of the community, “the English medium school” took place in the vacant PTC college building. The English medium school took its mode with the Lower. kg classes on August 13. The school has begun with 3 students. Sisters of St. Ann’s of Luzern are coordinating with the rector, Fr. Isaac Arackaparambil. Sisters are nurturing the kids with nursery Rhyme.

3.      DEEP a social Project.

DEEP (Don Bosco Empowerment for Emancipation  of People) a social Project began on July 8th under the guidance of the rector, Fr. Isaac. for this social project four staff have been employed , one male and three female. Mr. Vijay Parmar is the coordinator for the project, who is experienced and previously has worked with our Salesian house. The DEEP team regularly has been visiting more than 20 villages. The sarpanch of ten villages have allowed to start the social work in their respective villages. In the village named Golaj the team has already started Women’s ‘Ekta and Asha’ self help group. The team is also making the people aware of the various schemes like Sarva Sikshan Abhiyan, schemes for widows and the facilities by Gram Panchayat.  The Deep team working with lot of enthusiasm has kept a target of reaching total twenty self-help group for women by December

The new ventures have brought a new vigour and renewal of our work in Dakor and nearby villages. The community wishes that they continue to be a constructive presence for the mission of Dakor.






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