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Smriti Sharma Class X


NERUL, AUGUST 22, 2012 :  On the  of August15,  2012, the sixty fifth anniversary of the independence of our country India, was celebrated with great pomp and show at Don Bosco, Nerul. At 7:15 a.m., the chief guest Mr.  K.J John, a retired navy commander arrived.  All the students watched with eager anticipation as he unfurled the national flag. The national anthem blared out of speakers and everybody paid their respects to the flag. This was followed by the flag song or the ‘Jhanda geet’. After this, the chief guest was escorted to his seat and was cordially welcomed.

The program began with a vivacious and dynamic performance to the song- ‘Suno Gaur se duniya valo’. Not only was the dance enjoyable, but it also portrayed the message of peace and displayed the horrors of terrorism. After the song was a speech in English about the greatness of India. Following the speech was a patriotic song-‘Bharat hai jaan hamari’ which made everyone nostalgic and made them feel love for their country. This was followed by another dance, this time classical on the beautiful song-‘Ganga bahti ho kyu’. The sorrows of the country was lamented over in this dance. The skit following the dance made everyone think of the great leaders who sacrificed their life for the country. This particular skit was about a great man by the name of Mangal Pandey. At the end of the skit was played the song- 'Ae mere vatan ke logon.’ The atmosphere was sorrowful yet deferential. After this, an inspiring video was shown inspiring the students to be the change they wanted to see in India.  A solemn pledge to respect their motherland was taken by the students.

Finally, the chief guest expressed his feelings in front of the students and told them that service to the nation was a must and they could all do it in many ways.  To show respect and gratitude, the chief guest was presented with a sapling which was planted in the school grounds to keep the memory of the day alive .

It was truly a memorable and portentous day for the students and teachers of Don Bosco Nerul and it shall certainly remain embedded in their memory and hearts for life as shall the spirit of a free nation.


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