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MUMBAI, AUGUST 23, 2012 : The First practical trainees (PTs) meet was held in the Provincial House at Matunga for the young Salesians on August 6 and 7, 2012. The meet was aimed at helping the brothers to understand their role as assistants and to widen their approach to their apostolate. The meet was designed to give them a wider horizon to think on and lead the children under their care to a better and brighter world.

The meet began with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided by Fr. Michael Fernandes, the Provincial of the Mumbai Province. He brought home the message of the need of transfiguration in the daily living of our religious life and thus being able to respond fully to God’s call. The First Session was conducted by Fr. Michael who reminded the PTs of what their role in the communities is and what is expected of them. He gave them general guidelines and a few tips to have a successful and effective PT experience.

The Second Session was conducted by Fr. Ashley Miranda, the Provincial Formation Counsellor. Being in charge of the Clerics in formation he helped the group to share their experiences of the time they have already spent in the apostolate. He too encouraged the brothers to do well and put in his little mite to enrich their experience.

The second part of the meet began in the afternoon with Fr. Savio Silvera, Head of the Development Office, exposing the Green Line Project of the Development Office to the PTs. He spoke to them of its progress and reception among the schools of Mumbai. He then went on to speak of the importance and the need to create the awareness among the youngsters of saving the environment and its linkage to Salesian Work.

As Salesians we are called to protect the environment for the young so that they may be able to grow and develop themselves to their highest potential and so reach God. Thus he further went on to help the PTs prepare Sessions regarding different environmental issues that can be done with children in schools or in any other setup.

The topics were: Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Garbage Management, Green Cover, and E-Waste. The brothers were divided into five groups and given one of the above topics. They were asked to prepare PowerPoint presentations on awareness of the issue and activities that can help the students to deal with the Issue. The brothers whole heartedly participated in the group discussion and sharing and also had a good time researching the topics and creating activities. The PTs thus enjoyed the company of their companions.

At the end of the meet the PTs acknowledged the dedication of Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Vice Provincial in arranging the meet and helping the PTs to understand their apostolate in a new light. They thanked Fr. Savio for his presentation and igniting the fire in their minds to do something about making the world a greener place to live in.




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