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BIS #3084 Understanding Young at Risk (YAR) Apostolate in the Province of Mumbai

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Understanding Young at Risk (YAR) Apostolate in the Province of Mumbai


MUMBAI, AUGUST 24, 2012 :  The YAR seminar organized by the Salesian province of Mumbai on August 22 and 23, 2012 witnessed an interesting blend of academicians and grassroot practitioners debating a variety of topics such as marginalized groups, personnel, networking, research and advocacy and sustainability measures. The participation of over 50 Salesians was considerably enhanced through group work, question and answer sessions and sharing of experiences of model projects apart from panel presentations.

The first day commenced with a prayer led by Fr. Steve Rodrigues, followed by a few words of welcome from the Provincial Fr. Michael Fernandes. Vice Provincial Fr. Ajoy Fernandes then set out the context of the seminar.   Fr. Barnabe D’ Souza’s keynote address set the tone for the seminar by highlighting key areas of concern confronting the Salesian Apostolate pan-India. The session on marginalized groups looked into new ways of reinventing the work for the YAR by analyzing the realities, possibilities and challenges in the area, while that on personnel focused upon aspects of recruitment, selection, induction, role clarity, performance management, leadership and personnel inadequacy. The panel on networking debated how networking could contribute to impact and effectiveness, the blocks faced therein and developing a shared plan of action. The day concluded with a session on sustainability of structure, accountability and service delivery. The second day saw a panel discussion on how research and advocacy could promote and reinforce the efficiency of YAR networks, research as a tool for policy making, the need for forming broad-based sectoral alliances for policy making etc.

The seminar ended with an open discussion on the way forward, with a call to focus upon the 18+ marginalized youth (for whom there was a dearth of aftercare service), the need for all the Salesian institutions to be involved in YAR activities, to have a variety of small Salesian communities working with YAR groups in diverse places, through strategies like a non-institutional approach, advocacy, counselling, skill training and networking with government and other agencies and finally to set systems in place with regard to monitoring and evaluation, documentation, financial and human resource policies etc.



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