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BIS #3087 Deanery Youth Day-2012

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BORIVALI AUGUST 27, 2012 :  The Deanery Youth Day (DYD) of the Borivali deanery was celebrated on Sunday, 26 of August 2012 at St. John Bosco Parish, Borivali (West). The youth from seven churches who attended the event were I.C. Church, (Borivali), Our Lady of Assumption Church, (Kandivali), Our Lady of Remedy, (Poisar), Christ the King Church, (Borivali), St. Louis Church (Borivali), Nativity of Our Lord Church (Kandivali) and St. John Bosco Parish (Borivali).

The event started at approximately 9am with the Don Bosco Praise and Worship Team Lead by Elton D. with the Gospel songs that proved as a much needed ice-breaker, also gave a touch of spirituality to the ambience. Leslie and Julian, who were the comperes, for the day took over the event and made it even more youth friendly. Fr. Aloysius Pereira, parish priest of Don Bosco’s gave a welcome speech and kicked in the event. Fr. Aloysius was given a gift of appreciation by Thomas Fernandes, Deanery Representative for the Borivali Deanery at The Mumbai Archdiocese.


The theme Faith Alive was clearly emphasized in the dance musical presented by the confirmation batch of Don Bosco Youth Group. The musical, with a powerful narrative and background score, was really well choreographed as well the way it gave the aspect of salvation paramount importance. All in all the musical was really awe inspiring. It drove home a powerful message that Jesus save us from sins and leads us to salvation.


The youth were also divided into groups according to numbers written on their identity cards.

Fr. Byron Mendonca, Director of the youth of Our Lady of Assumption Church, emphasized on the aspect of faith in one’s life. He also gave inputs regarding the existence of God through discussions and narratives. Shalom Israel, a teenager gave his testimony as to how his faith in the Almighty saved him from the Kandhamal riots in Orrisa. His testimony moved the youth to a great extent. He also added that he had changed his name from Ameya Patnaik to Shalom Israel. Fr. Byron quoted a verse from the Book of Revelations as to how God always comes to one’s help in bad times and displayed an inspirational video which conveyed the message that one shouldn’t give up his/her faith in God. “Faith is never giving up your belief and clinging to Jesus,” he added and also stirred up a debate among the youth regarding God’s existence in one’s bad times. His input session was concluded with a dramatic video telling everyone as to how God gave up his only begotten so to save the world from sins.
The sound technicians were given gifts of appreciation for their work.
Later around 12 noon, Fr. Byron (Our Lady of Assumption Church), Fr. Allwyn (Don Bosco’s) and Fr. Melroy (IC Church) concelebrated at Mass. The Gospel reading John: 6: 60-69 along with Fr. Byron’s sermon on being committed with faith was really inspirational. A video excerpt from the movie “The Passion of Christ” was also displayed to ring out a message “God loved the world that he gave away his only begotten son.”
The youth were served with lip smacking lunch which brought smiles across everyone’s faces. Skits were presented in accordance with the theme. Christ the King Church (Borivali) presented a skit on one’s faith in God through a classroom scenario as their centerpiece. Our Lady of Assumption Church presented a skit called An Interview of Faith which was quiet humorous and also made the audience burst in peals of laughter. Our Lady of Remedy Church performed a skit about how God is always with us in our good times as well as bad ones. St. Louis Church presented a skit about how we put in immense amount of faith in important people in our lives like the soldiers who fight for our country, etc. IC Church took the audience by surprise by organizing an ice-breaker musical performance; again, emphasizing the fact that God is omnipresent irrespective of the circumstances one faces.

Fr. Allwyn led the youth in prayer with the Divine Mercy Chaplet recital at 3pm. Immaculate Conception Church organized some awesome games which pumped up the energy of the youth which later culminated in an energetic jam session. The winners of the games were given prizes and thus the Deanery Youth Day(DYD) was concluded. If you ask me how the Deanery Youth Day was, my answer would be just AWESOME!!!


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Nativity of Lord church Priest has not been transferred though six years passed where as my neighbor church priest transferred though he was good in administration after three yrs.Should we say it is Gods grace,man power or earthly re-souse .News came from liginary that he is transferred but after 15 days same man told he is not transferred .My friend priest said that Bishop Dias was a good Administrator .He would visit church and if He found any priest out of the room after 11 PM ,He would lock the room and ask priest to come to his office.One day he observed priest seeing TV and layman blessing house .He immediately stopped this practice and asked priest to do work .Why my church should be closed full day on Monday .Why one assistant not given though we have doubled
Should I say Devil won