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Fr. Lawrence D’souza


DIVYADAAN, NASHIK, SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 :  “Porta Divyadaan” an institute of philosophy studies and learning recently opened its doors and hospitality for a course in spirituality.


With its course of philosophy, where about forty students, almost all residential, the availability to another forty more, all residential, for a week-long course in spirituality, was fantastic.


The unstinted dedication of the management, get-set the place with rooms for each one, providing facilities and the ambient of a peace-filled, silent locality, green all around and nature enwrapping all, with its drizzle of blessing rains and cool climate, was a cause to be with God in contemplation.


Kudos to all at Divyadaan, who made the spirituality-exercise for the leaders of the Salesian houses of the Mumbai Province an experience worth remembering. “Be still…” in contemplation was the theme, and …”know that I am God” helped all , with the interjection of an animated-preacher, to be in union with oneself and God.

Divyadaan, an institute of philosophy, now also an institute for spirituality, will be looked upon as a resort to come and enrich oneself or in groups, for the Salesians of the Mumbai Province. God bless the staff and management for extending their arms to help other salesians in refreshing oneself in

God, in contemplation.


May this venture not end here, but be repeated often for the good health (spiritually) of the salesians of the Mumbai-Province.


Long live Don Bosco!

Long Live Divyadaan!



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