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By Allan Netto

NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE KUWAIT, SEPTEMBER 06,  2012:  A meeting was held at St. Therese church on Sunday, 2 September 2012, for those desiring to join Religious or Priestly life. The community requested Fr. Francis to guide the youngsters in their journey of discernment. Fr. Blany introduced Fr. Francis as the best Salesian in Kuwait to guide the youngsters in their process of discernment and journey to Religious Life. He added that Fr. Francis has been a Rector of the Minor Seminary at Lonavla for 3 years and later Novice Master for 6 years.  During this tenure, Fr. Francis was completely involved in guiding the youngsters to respond to God’s call. Fr. Blany ended by adding, “Can we find a better person in Kuwait than Fr. Francis to guide the boys?

Fr. Francis Kharjia, in-charge of vocations to Religious life and Priesthood in our Parish, conducted a special session. This was the first time a meeting was held for boys who expressed their desire to join Religious life. There were nine altar servers who were present for the session.

The meeting commenced with a prayer. This was followed by each boy introducing himself to the group. Later, Fr. Francis gave us a brief explanation on the Diocesan priests and the Religious. He familiarized us with the different Religious orders and he also briefed us on the life in the seminary. He shared with us the various years and steps needed to be taken as one prepares for ordination to priesthood. Father invited us to feel free and ask him any doubts or concerns in this journey of Discernment

Later, Fr. Francis delighted us by informing that he would personally visit our families.  We had a great time and were happy to learn so much about vocations and priesthood.

As the meeting drew to a close, Fr. Francis took the opportunity to thank the parents for encouraging their children to respond to God’s call. He thanked the boys for being so eager and enthusiastic to discern God’s call. The meeting concluded with a prayer.


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