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Cl. Joyston Machado


Divyadaan, Nashik, September 06 2012:  The teacher’s day celebration on September 05, at Divyadaan commenced with a prayer service thanking the almighty for sending angels as teachers to help in the growth of the brothers.

Through the audio visual presentation entitled ‘You raised me Up’ the students thanked their teachers.  They then expressed their love for their teachers through various songs, dances and a skit presentation.

In the address that followed Bro. Dilip eloquently expressed the life of a teacher as one of inspiring and setting examples for others to follow. Keeping in mind the idiom, ‘action speaks louder than words,’ the students felicitated their professors through various cards and symbolic gifts.

The teachers who animate children were given an opportunity to bring out the CHILD in them by participating in a simple game that was organized. As the teachers’ faces and hearts glowed with joy, their feelings took the form of words through their thanksgiving speech.

In his concluding message, Fr. Robert Pen, the principal, expressed his gratitude to the staff members for their sincere and self-sacrificing collaboration in the smooth running of the Divyadaan institute.

Through the narration of a story he subtly brought to the fore the very essence of teaching, that is, educating the students to attitude formation rather than giving mere information; an education that is geared more towards  educating their hearts rather than minds alone. 

Thus ended the celebration, but the legacy lives on to state that, ‘every teacher ultimately lives on to inspire others…’

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