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Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala, September 07, 2012: It is indeed a great day to remember September 05, 2012. Being in this Silver Year, Shelter Don Bosco celebrated Teachers day in a ‘hatke’ way.

Many ex-staffs and ex-boys were present for a fellowship get-together along with the present Teacher-Volunteers. It was a tribute to the valuable contribution made by teachers, Volunteers, ex-staffs and the present staffs to the Shelter heroes by imparting knowledge, enlightening and shaping their career.

The programme began with a bhajan to invoke God’s presence and to thank Him for all the blessing He has showered upon Shelter.

Each and every guest was welcomed by Fr Roger Jones, Rector of Shelter Don Bosco, with a bouquet of flower and a memento.

The Shelter heroes put up a beautiful program with western and classical mix and also the hit songs like Kolavari. The Ppt presentation added colours also touched the hearts of many. All who were present were amazed to experience this wonderful programme.

The teachers and important personalities from the neighbouring schools and colleges also joined us to share our joy.

Fr Xavier Devadas was the chief guest of the day. He was the first Rector of Shelter Don Bosco. He shared his experience and love when he was in Shelter. He was very emotional when he shares the holistic growth of the shelter boys from the start till date.  According to him shelter boys has made a great progress for last twenty-five years and he wished them very best for the coming years.

As usual the boys came up with innovative ways and ideas. They came up with creative and attractive Teachers’ day greeting cards made during their hobby classes, adorned with captivating and touchy quotes and messages to convey their love and gratitude.  Few others selected the Black board to convey their inner feeling of love for their teachers with touching quotes.

The Boys hearts filled with love could not allow the teachers and the other to sit on their seat. Hence, few teachers and ex-staff expressed their emotion with their songs and loving words. An English teacher Olive D’mello was very emotional and shared that this was one of the best day of her life. Mr Hawaldaar Singh, a teacher from Sahakar Nagar shared that a teacher is the one who can mould the student to be one  of the successful citizen of the country, and he was privileged  to be  in this noble profession for the last twenty years.

The program ended with sumptuous Lunch and chilled ice cream.

Indeed it was an emotional and memorable day for all the present and ex-teachers, ex-boys, present and ex-staffs and salesians who committed their love for Shelter Don Bosco.


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