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DAKOR, SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 :  The Bishop of Ahmedabad diocese Rt. Rev Thomas Macwan had declared the year 2012 has year of the Rosary. Thus, various animations were done at the diocese and the parish level. For nine consecutive Sundays from July 15 to September 08, 2012, there were special animations done. The themes for each of the nine Sundays were as follows: Parents of blessed mother, Mary obedient to God’s will, Ideal Mother, Visit to Elizabeth, Friend in need (Wedding at Cana), Respect for girl child and women, Presentation of child Jesus in the temple, Mary, a consoling mother (for priest and religious as consoler consoler) and Mary in the upper room – (for Teachers as friend, Philosopher and guide). Various groups of the parish animated the Liturgy.


Christ the King parish, Dakor animated the parishioners on these themes given by the diocese. The nine Sundays culminated with the feast of “THE NATIVITY OF OUR BLESSED MOTHER” which was celebrated on the September 9, 2012. The backdrop for the feast mass was Hai Jagjanani, Hai Dayyalu Maa Mariyam”. The altar was decorated by the Salesian Sisters and their boarding girls. Before the mass, the faithful gathered in the Pushpanjali campus (FMA house) and proceeded in procession towards the Don Bosco Boarding hall, chanting hymns and Bhajans to our lady. Boarding girls of Pushpanjali performed a prayer dance.  Fr. Isaac, the Parish Priest was the main celebrant for the holy Eucharist. In his Sermon, he highlighted the role of the blessed mother in the life of Jesus our Savior and her qualities and virtues. He also mentioned that God knows all our needs and in his own time he will shower his blessing so that we can understand and make use of the given gifts.  The Holy Eucharist was well animated by the parishioners.


After the Holy Eucharist, Marian quiz was organized for the parishioners. Seven villages of the parish namely Agarva, Nes, Dakor (Nani Bhagol), Manjipura, Jaked, Jakiriya, and Dunadra took part in the Marian quiz. Three youth from these respective villages participated in the quiz competition. They were given the quiz material well in advance.  Teams had come prepared, which was seen as they were enthusiastic in answering the questions. The whole quiz was projected with the help of powerpoint presentation to involve many parishoners. The village of Dakor (Nani Bhagol) was the winner with 98 points and Jaked stood as the  runner-up with 81 points.  Games like Bombing the city, Tug of war,  Bursting the balloon, Sack race, etc were organized.

At the end of the games, the Parish priest Fr. Isaac awarded the winners with various prizes. He also thanked all those who were responsible for the success of the day, especially the parish council members, the sister communities (FMA and St. Anne’s) and the Salesian community.  The birthday celebration of our Lady concluded with a fellowship meal for the faithful. The faithful left the campus with a deep veneration towards our Lady.


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