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Ms. Sunita D’Souza

WADALA-MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 14,  2012 :  With the Ganesha festival just round the corner, 115 enthusiastic students jumped into the bandwagon of yet another greening activity. 

The impetus for this program was already provided last year at the Green Ganesha workshop held at Don Bosco Matunga by the Green Line team.  On Thursday, September 13 , the students of the Primary and Secondary section were at it again – to put their creative abilities to the test at the Green Ganesha workshop at St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala. 

Mrs. Sunanda Nivase from the Vidya Margam, Powai, organization, together with a team of ten members, was here to conduct this workshop.  Having equipped themselves with material (clay) from the shores of Powai lake, eco-friendly decorative material and paper plates needed for the workshop, the organizers were set to take the excited Jospehites by storm. 

The participants were asked to sit in groups (about 15 in each), and handed a required amount of brown clay.  With the assistance and expertise of the volunteers, the youngsters got into their creative mould, as their hands (and minds) worked to carve exquisite designs of the Lord Ganesha. 

The hall was bathed with an outpouring light of faith and hope.  There was a blend of aesthetics and devotion, creativity and hard work, concentration and excitement.  Deft finishing touches, neat decorations, pleasing art styles and vibrant colors were noticed in an array of green Ganeshas lined up for display. 

Fr. Mayank from Don Bosco, Gujarat, and Ms. Devyani were assigned the difficult task of choosing the ten best idols prepared by the students at this workshop.  Encouragement for this venture came from different quarters – Fr. Savio Silveira Director of the Green Line team, who too paid a surprise visit during the workshop, our Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes and Headmistress Ms. Nicole Britto, the staff members, Mrs. Pavita Fernandes and Ms. D’Souza, and Ms. Devyani Singh and Ms. Parveen Shaikh from the Green Line team. 

The green Ganesha’s have made their way to the homes of our school students.  May they find a place in many more families, homes, mandals and HEARTS of the devotees during this festive Ganapati season..


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