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NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE SEPTEMBER 21, 2012:  The generation gap seems to be widening with every passing decade. The children think that their parents

are behind the times. The parents throw their hands in exasperation, not knowing how to deal with their growing teenagers and their issues. Both generations feel that they are being misunderstood. Against this backdrop, the Salesian cooperators organized a seminar entitled, “Bridging the Gap” in an attempt to bridge the generation gap existing between the parents and the teenage children.

The seminar was held on Friday, September 14, 2012 at the Don Bosco’s School for the parents of teenagers of our Parish. The primary focus of this workshop was to help bridge the gap between parents and their teenage children. This highly topical and pertinent workshop was conducted by Fr. Ajoy Fernandes sdb, the vice provincial of the Mumbai Province and a clinical psychologist. To ensure maximum effectivity, the participation was limited to sixty parents.

Fr. Ajoy briefed the parents on various aspects of teenage issues through a well animated audio-visual presentation. This was followed by a workshop where parents formed smaller groups for sharing and discussing issues related to parent-teenager behavioural patterns. Basing himself on the responses of the various groups, Fr. Ajoy went on to explain the various aspects of communication, disciplining, balancing independence and freedom and respecting individuality. As well, issues of career guidance, supportive feedback and listening and family interactions were also addressed.   

At the end of the two-hour workshop, Fr Ajoy provided the parents with some practical guidelines for effective parenting of teenagers. He counselled them on the benefits of listening as opposed to lecturing. He provided examples of constructive feedback, positive encouragement and appreciation. He reminded them to keep listening even in an argument, constantly being aware of their teenager’s physical, mental and hormonal changes.

Parents were extremely appreciative of this meaningful workshop. They expressed deep satisfaction since the seminar had equipped them with a preliminary knowledge and issues concerning teenagers. They returned home with a firm resolve to be more understanding towards their teenage children.


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