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Tr. Cleo & Nimit Kamdar


WADALA-MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 :  A sixteen coach AC train, designed for a mobile exhibition, named as science Express travels around India creating awareness about BIODIVERSITY. This train has been on the move since June 05, 2012 and will continue its journey till December 22, 2012. The Express made its stop at Mumbai CST station on platform 13 on Friday 14 September, 2012 during the latter part of the night.

thirty students of St. Joseph’s High school, divided into two groups, along with two teachers, Mrs. Cleo and Mr. Sunny, headed for the mobile exhibition with great enthusiasm. The students volunteered willingly to give a helping hand towards the good cause of creating awareness among the citizens of Mumbai, especially school children, through this biodiversity program.

The students and the teachers, after having attended an orientation session a day prior to the exhibition, were as keen as mustard to take up the responsibilities assigned to them. The boys were briefed about the rules of the exhibition and the tasks at hand.  While some were trusted with the duty of guiding the people to the exhibition, the others were authorized to register the schools and the students that came from near and far to attend the biodiversity program. Still others were depended upon to direct and instruct the people to vote for the National Microbe. The following eight microbes had enrolled for the National Microbe contest:

1.      Captain Phogo

2.      Wily Wild Yeast

3.      King Cole

4.      Longy Lacto

5.      Sunny Spiro

6.      Mighty Mucor

7.      Ready Rhizo

8.      Bold Blue Mold

We had the fortune to take a tour of the Science Express train. Inside the train there were animals and flowers found all over the globe, and fossils of ancient times. There were experiments and displays on the study of the universe, our ecosystem, de-polluting the environment, etc. Hands on experiments in Mathematics and Science were conducted on the lab aboard the Science Express. Sixteen of our students managed to complete all the experiments successfully and were awarded the JOY OF SCIENCE certificates.

PARYAVARAN MITRA was a program conducted for teachers. Its aim was to guide and build positive environmental actions at individual, community, national and global level. The growing concerns of the environment and the related topics such as Water, Waste Management, Energy, Biodiversity, Culture and Heritage formed the pivotal themes of the Paryavaran Mitra. The former erudite President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam is the brand ambassador for this project.

The BNHS India (Bombay National History Society) conducted a slide show on the flora and fauna in Mumbai with an emphasis on the need to protect these important and rare species, which if not nurtured could be extinct in the years to come.

Our group of Josephites rounded up their volunteering-cum-learning experience at the Science Express train with a wealth of knowledge and a desire to contribute more to society, in particular, our environment. The group did get a special mention from the organizers, especially the BNHS for their selfless work and enthusiastic response.  It

feels good to be part of a worthy cause.

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