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Gurpreet Singh Lamba


WADALA- MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 26 , 2012 :  A very exciting day it was for us students (leaders) of St. Joseph’s High School on September 21, 2012 as we were setting out for our leadership camp to Don Bosco  Lonavla.

The journey by bus commenced at 1.30pm with a short prayer by our Principal. We were accompanied by our Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes, our Headmistress Ms. Nicole Britto, Ms. Cressieda Murzello, Mr. Tony Desa, and Mr. Avinash Gracious. Upon reaching Lonavla, we were welcomed by the Rector, Fr. Cletus D’Souza, and were served some light snacks and a cup of tea.

Thereafter we were directed to the dormitory where we kept our luggage, and readied ourselves for a walk around the campus.  We were led by Fr. Bernard, who briefed us about the niceties of life in the boarding.  Not many of us were familiar with this way of life and the happenings at the place. 

As we walked, we reached Maria Ashiana, an institute for street children, where we saw the boys cleaning the place, helping each other and playing with one another.  We noticed that for these children the others around were their family. We were moved by this sight.

Along the way, we saw the vast green grounds , a rare sight in Mumbai and we could not resist the idea of a football/basketball game.  Fr. Bernard heeded to our request, and got a few aspirants to arrange for some sports equipment.  We had a great basketball match between the naughty ninth’s and the terrific tenth’s, while others enjoyed playing football, table tennis and badminton.

After the game, and then a quick bath, we were rejuvenated and ready for the first session. In the AV room, we were introduced to the team of Fr. Cletus, Sr. Caroline, Bro. Vishal and Sir Ryan who would together conduct the sessions on LET: LEADERESHIP EFFECTIVE TRAINING.

In the first session, Bro. Vishal explained the importance of a good leader through a video clipping on a game of football that showed the coach guide his team through effective communication; and then through an engaging blindfold activity with the message that a good leader has to be a guide and a good animator.

At dinner time, a well thought out arrangement in the dining hall, designed to bring together the Mumbai Josephites and Lonavla Boscoites helped create a bond between the two groups.  A lot of pleasantries were exchanged and personal information gathered over the dining table. This continued for some more time during the night recreation.

Another session in the night was conducted by Mr. Ryan who spoke to us about the five most valuable things that a leader should have: Goal Setting, Commitment, Passion, Visualizing things and Personal Belief.  It is the attitude, he said, that makes the lion the king of the jungle. It was necessary to communicate well, focus on our goals, motivate ourselves, and these would guarantee the making of a good leader. A movie was screened for us based on qualities of a leader.

It was then time to go to bed but the excitement and enthusiasm didn’t allow us to sleep much. We set out for a walk early next morning relishing the cool climate, savouring the sweet sound of the chirping of the birds, and delighting in the freshness of the early morning breeze.

After breakfast, the session was conducted by Sr. Caroline who involved us in some breathing exercises, and welcomed a feedback on the movie screened the previous night.  She left us with a very deep insight:  We carry something very important within ourselves, viz. ENTHUSIASM! Before lunch, we went shopping for chikki, fudge, farsan…these specialities of Lonavla still attract crowds to the sweet shops. After lunch, it was Fr. Cletus all the way. He compared two great personalities, HITLER and CHAPLIN, who differed totally from each other.  Fr. Cletus enlightened us on the topics of leadership and team, and summed up saying that it’s our attitude not aptitude that raises us to great altitude!

It was time to head back to the shores of Mumbai. With our bags on our shoulders, and armed with additional skills and attitudes on leadership, we bid good bye to the beautiful people (and the place) of Lonavla.

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