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NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE OCTOBER 01, 2012: It was one of the proudest moments in the history of our parish at St. Therese, when the parish priest announced that Louie Pereira, a senior altar server studying in Std XII, had complied a guide for the altar servers. It took him more than 3 months to prepare the book. The official launch of the book titled “I CHOSE YOU – A GUIDE FOR ALTAR SERVERS” was held during the Altar Servers Meeting on Saturday, September 28, 2012. Many special invitees were present for this momentous book launch. The guests included representatives of various parish groups like the Pastoral Council, Catechism Ministry, Salesian Cooperators, Ex- Altar Severs Coordinators, members of the Publishing Team – Francis D’souza, Amira Peter & Chrisma Pereira, the Emcee of our Parish – Mark F. Mundala, our Parish Priest Fr. Blany Pinto and Asst. Parish Priest Fr. Joy.

This book is a guide for altar servers containing valuable background and information concerning the Mass, sacred vessels used in the various liturgical services, significance of the different vestments, customary rituals, etc. It also highlights the role and responsibility of the Altar Servers towards the congregation.

Fr. Blany, our Spiritual Director and Parish Priest introduced the book to us.  He spoke about how it was prepared and those who were involved in the publishing process. He then cut the red ribbon and officially launched the book by handing it over to Louie Pereira (the author) and Reeve D’souza, the senior altar servers of our Parish.

Later Louie gave us a short speech on the book; he talked about its contents and shared his journey with us in writing this book. He also added that the book was a sign of gratitude and love that he received from the altar server’s ministry for the past many years. He handed over a copy of the book to Ralph Serrao – Chief Altar Server and representative of the Altar Servers’ Ministry.

Copies of the book were handed over to the special invitees who also gave us a few words of encouragement to read the book, highlighting its contents and benefits. Allan Sir thanked Louie and the publishing team for this great and knowledgeable book which has been published for the welfare of the altar servers. Reeve presented the vote of thanks, after which we played some games and enjoyed snacks.

It is certainly a proud moment for us to behold, when one of the altar server rises to the occassion of compiling a book which serves both as a guide and a treasury of knowledge needed for the altar servers. It speaks volumes of those  gone ahead in forming and grooming the altar servers who now think beyond themselves and want to contribute towards to the growth of the other altar servers.



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