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ALIRAJPUR- JHABUA, OCTOBER 04, 2012 :   The junior’s football team of the Parish of Alirajpur a.k.a “S.O.E Rangers” scorched the football field of Jyoti Bhavan, Jhabua with their spectacular performance at the Jhabua Diocese Junior’s Football Meet organized by the Balak Yeshu Sangh on September 30, 2012.

A total of 12 teams participated in this tournament. The S.O.E. Rangers had to confront some of the toughest teams if they wanted to earn a position for themselves at the level of the diocese. The pressure was mounting; the journey was going to be rough. But the S.O.E. Rangers would not succumb to pressure of any sorts. They were there to win and weren’t going to return home without a victory.

A week long coaching under the guidance of Fr. Ashok Nagesia finally paid off with a thrilling victory at the finals. The S.O.E Rangers clinched the first place in the tournament and captivated the hearts of all present with their professionalism and true sportsman spirit. This victory has put the parish of Alirajpur on the sports map of the diocese.

Such a sweet win came after trashing the parishes of Badi Damini, Gopalpura and Thandla at this sporting event. At the finals our boys had to face Jyoti Bhavan, Jhabua; another Salesian institution. Onlookers and bystanders had placed their bet on the Jhabua team. But our boys managed to erase all hope and create a mark for themselves and their parish by defeating the Jhabua team 3-0 at the penalty shootouts. 

Fr. Ashok, the coach was ecstatic after the win and felt humbled at the due praises showered on his herculean efforts to transform our young boys into champs. Sunil Garwal, who spearheaded the team as captain had this to say, “Never has there been so much rejoicing over such a victory. We came here to play but we won the trophy. What a feeling it is!

Pradeep Dawar another key player of the team stated, “We learnt to play as a team. We felt like warriors on the field who weren’t afraid to face the odds. The sparkling cup at the start of the match set the fire roaring in us.”  

Benjamin who showed some exceptional skill at the goal post remarked, “We attribute our win to Don Bosco and the Blessed Virgin Mary!” Back home our newly crowned champions returned to a hero’s welcome amidst dancing, rejoicing and much cheering. This win has stoked a spark in the hearts of our senior team which is now all boosted for a second victory at such a prestigious tournament.

Rev. Fr. Leslie, the beloved rector of Don Bosco S.O.E. commended the boys for their efforts and the display of true sportsmanship on the field. This couldn’t have been possible without the generosity and prayers of a few people.

Sporting the colors of this acclaimed club, our boys were able to unite as a team. May God bless Mr. Joshua and the club for their altruism.  This day will indeed go down in the annals of our institute and parish as a most remarkable and memorable day when the flag of Alirajpur soared high.

The S.O.E. Rangers went as boys, played like men and returned as CHAMPIONS!

Kudos! dear youngsters and all the best for your future endeavors.

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