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WADALA-MUMBAI, OCTOBER 27, 2012 :  The family cell of the Dominic Savio Parish, Wadala East organized a session on Smart Parenting on Wednesday 24 October in the Church hall. This session was conducted by the very eminent Dr. Mrs. Elaine Ann Charles M.A, M. Ed, Ph. D.


Our Parish Priest, Fr Vincent Rasquinha welcomed Dr Elaine Charles. Mrs Donata Afonso, member of the family cell introduced her to the audience.


Dr Charles is the ex principal of St Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai. She has been in the field of education for the past 49 years and is the recipient of several awards. She has also conducted several seminars.


Dr Elaine Charles said that in smart parenting, one has to be aware of the problems and needs of our adolescent children. She stressed that there are four problem areas. 1. Pressure of competition. 2. Impact of media. 3. Handling of relationships. 4. Peer pressure. She elaborated on each of these problems and suggested ways to resolve them. She spelt out what smart parenting involves:


S: sensitivity to your child’s needs and difficulties.

M: meeting them half way.

A: being accepting, available and appreciative.

R: inculcating in them right values.

T: showing true and genuine love for them.


The entire session was conducted by a power point presentation assisted by Mr Cedric D’souza.


She later answered queries from the dropbox. She concluded by saying the best gift you can give your children is your own love and relationship as husband and wife.


The session was well attended by youth and parents. Mrs Elaine Albuquerque proposed the vote of thanks. It was a truly enriching experience!



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