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Cl. Dustin Yarde.


DIVYADAAN-NASHIK, OCTOBER 30, 2012 :  In the wee hours of the morning on the 26 of October the annual retreat of the community of Divyadaan came to an end and a wonderful picnic commenced, one that was chalked out so as to make sure that the brothers pursuing their B.ph. degree get to enjoy a glimpse of all the wonderful work that our fellow confreres are carrying out in and around Pune.


The first stop was Don Bosco Yerwada where we have a school, college and a lively parish apostolate going on simultaneously in full swing. Fr. Egidio Falcao was there to give the brothers a warm reception. He then gave a summary of the work being carried there and all the various initiatives that the Fathers there have being taking up. The brothers were then treated to a sumptuous meal following which the journey continued taking the brothers to JDV College of theology and philosophy. The tour of the campus began with a look at the Papal seminary, then to the library and ended with a look at all the lecture halls where many a priests and bishops have been imparted with the priceless knowledge of God.


Next the brothers visited DBYC Koregaon Park, where the Rector Fr. Nelson Carvalho welcomed them warmly and the brothers were treated to some delicious snacks and tea. Then Fr. Nelson introduced the staff of DBYC and all gave a brief history of the house and how it is actually the motherhouse of Divyadaan itself. Then the brothers received a very informative and inspiring tour of the terrace of the house where Fr. Damien has began with terrace plantation and various other eco-friendly initiatives, this proved to the brothers that where there’s a will any space is big enough to accomplish it.


The journey then continued taking the brothers out of Pune and into Chinchwad where the brothers were affectionately greeted by the Rector Fr. Corlis who personally led them through a guided tour of the entire house and all the different workshops and trades that the place has to offer. The brothers were mighty impressed with all the professional faculties made available especially to the poor for whom to receive such education is nothing short of a dream come true. Then after a wholesome dinner the brothers resumed their journey to their next destination i.e. Lonavala.


Lonavala being the aspirantate for most of the brothers did bring back many fond memories and smiles on the faces of the brothers and the warm-hearted hospitality of Fr. Cletus made the visit extra special. After a good night’s rest the brothers joined in for the celebration of the Eucharist with the aspirants and also helped in animating the mass with their various musical talents.


Then after breakfast various matches of volleyball and football were organised which provided the opportunity for more interaction between the brothers and the aspirants and also for a healthy competitive spirit on the playing field. Then after an early and splendid lunch the brothers recommenced their journey to their final destination i.e. our Salesian community at Karjat.


The brothers reached Karjat by late afternoon and after some tea and snacks were welcomed once again by the Rector Fr. Xavier and were privileged that Fr. Xavier took time out to first share with the brothers all about the various works that are being carried out within the campus with regards to saving the environment and then after an informative and also entertaining session(thanks to Fr.’s quick wit) Fr. led the brothers around the campus to see for real all the work being carried out there. The amount of hard work and creativity that manifest itself around the campus is amazing and the catchphrases of Fr. Xavier viz. “kachre mein Paisa hai!” and “No one is hopeless and nothing is useless” etched itself in the minds of the brothers.


In the evening the brothers were led into a wonderful moment of prayer using Taize chants by Dn. Charles. Later Fr. Xavier gave the goodnight to the brothers once again exhorting them to think big and not get limited to petty issues like grumbling etc. in our daily lives. A lovely barbeque followed where the brothers also got an opportunity to put their cooking skills to the test.


October 28, the last day of the picnic began early morning with the brothers being led up the mountain for a meditation cum walk. Then the celebration of the Holy Eucharist followed and after breakfast the brothers met once again for an input session by Fr. Xavier this time on the technical work being carried out. The brothers were again exceedingly impressed by the facilities being offered, again to the poorest of the poor, and also by the values of self-governance that is employed to empower the boys and to give them a taste of true responsibility. Again after the session Fr. guided the brothers around the workshops where they got to see how many of Fr.’s ideas have taken on real shape. Then after an early lunch the brothers were led to the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima where they got to spend a moment in prayer and then resumed their journey back home.


All in all the entire picnic was a very enriching experience and the brothers were really edified by all the work being carried out in these various houses and also with creativity and dedication of the Fr.’s towards their missions. What was also very pleasing was the warm hospitality that the bro.’s received in all the houses which has really helped to make this entire picnic a really memorable one and also filled the brothers with the zeal to look at how they themselves can imitate their hardworking confreres in their own little ways.

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