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 WADALA - MUMBAI, OCTOBER 05, 2012 :   The Elders of our parish (50+ years)  literally had their day in the sun at a fun-filled get-together in the  Parish Hall on the October 02, 2012. The day is celebrated as the ‘World Elders Day.’ It was a double celebration as we had the inauguration and blessing of the newly renovated Hall at the hands of the Provincial, Fr. Michael Fernandes. We were happy to have him as we could also felicitate him on his Birthday.


Present with him was Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, who went around and blessed the hall, while Fr. Michael presided over the Prayer Service. After the felicitations and cutting the cake, we had a beautiful ballet performance by the girls of the J.B.Vacha  High School along with a dance and song performance by  one of our boys and a hoola hoop dance performance by a J.B. Vacha girl. The Elders appreciated the items.


Then followed party time with the ambience of Hawaii transported to Wadala! The Comperes of the day : Michelle and Eugenia dressed in Hawaiin outfits got the elders to participate in the March followed by a game imported all the way from Hawaii, and then the mouth watering snacks that kept coming and coming till all had their fill.


Ronny Gomes and his troupe then got the elders on the floor for a medley of waltz, Jive and some masala numbers. When the group had their fill, Fr. Godfrey took the stage and the opportunity of having the elders present, to open his heart as he spoke of the need to have the hall refurnished and the other developments in the parish, including renting out our space to the CitizenCredit Cooperative Bank, to supplement the meager finances of the parish and also to return back to the province what we received when we were in need.

Many of the elders were touched with this gesture and thanked Fr. Godfrey for giving the parish community a good hall and the other facilities. Then followed a dance session, a sumptuous meal and goodbyes. It was a memorable event indeed.


We have to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Ignatius Almeida, our parishioner for having undertaken to renovate and beautify the hall at his own cost, and for the mouth -watering snacks and sumptuous lunch sponsored. The Parish will rent out the hall to his group to conduct social functions. We also thank the Cultural Cell for planning the celebration of Elders Day to perfection.


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