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Cl. Romero D’ Souza SDB


KARJAT- MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 14, 2012: Touching the place full of mountains and hills we the Practical Trainees along with the Vice Provincial Rev. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes SDB, the animator and facilitator of the Practical Trainees reached Don Bosco Yuya Sanstha, Karjat late evening by 7 o’clock. The impetus was well-planned in advance for us with the sole aim and purpose to have an experience filled with learning of the Practical Skills with regard to everyday life situations.


We the Practical Trainees (eighteen) of us, were welcomed by the community of Karjat (Fr. Xavier Devadas, Dn. Charles Anthony and Cl. Renold Lemos) after refreshment the technical welcomed us with a lovely programme, after which  Fr. Ajoy along with Dn. Charles briefed us with regard to the time-table for these days of Animation.


DAY ONE early morning Cl. Renold Lemos explained to us the importance of Nature Meditation in the form of our Life Journey – A Seeker with a focused mind. Before we could set our feet to reach the destination, he told us that in life we have three types of people which fall into three different categories: The Quitters – the ones who chose to remain at the foot of the hill. The Campers – the ones who set on their journey with a focus but decide to stop on the way and relax giving up the idea to reach the top. The Climbers – the ones who never look back and stop but always see ahead and reach the top.


We had an enjoyable breath-taking meditation all along the way, in being one with nature, and being with each other, in being one with self and above all feeling the presence of the Lord all along the way. It only proves that the journey is as important as the destiny in Life. All of us could happily say that we are the CLIMBERS.


In the morning, we were introduced to the Technical Staff and were divided in two groups: Electrical and Plumbing. We had a theoretical-cum-practical session with regard to the same. In the Electrical course we learnt about safety clothes, measurements, instruments, and how to do an earthing, panel board, distribution board, how to make a switch board and in the Plumbing course we learnt about pipe and tap fitting, clear blockages, joining of pipes.


In the afternoon session, we had Dr. Nilesh Mhatre who explained to us basic need of how to use and be prepared for First Aid Emergency. He did this with help of a PowerPoint Presentation. This session went on for an hour.


In the late afternoon, we had Fr. Barnabe D’Souza sdb explaining to us young confreres about the Provincial Chapter by beginning with the prayer. He enlightened us by presenting the structure outlined by the core-committee with him as the head. He did this by elaborating on the work done by the various committees formed for and by the pre-chapter.


He highlighted the four points: Mystics of Spirit, Prophets of Fraternity, Servants of the Young, and Province and Congregation. He then gave an orientation with regard to us being Thinkers and Reflectors – of the future, of living with possibilities, and of thinking differently (out of the box). Later, we saw at the Policies with regard to the performance, evaluation, accountability, lay collaboration, continuity, sustainability and how they can be adapted to the present situation of life.


In the evening, Fr. Xavier Devadas (Baba) gave us an introductory talk with regard to the wonders happening in this place especially with emphasis made on ecology. He told us about the reflection he made of this place. The dream to always ‘take it forward,’ about the creation seen as the face of God and the World seen as a living miracle, about respecting the Mother Earth which has carried us for eternity, even more than our very own mothers who bore us for nine months.


Reflecting on this aspect, we could say that this is spirituality, a mystical experience, of getting connected with each other, self, creation and God. The Dream plan of this place is to make things happen by simply asking the questions: what can I do? What can we do? We need to live with possibilities and make them a reality by committing ourselves to this task.


He accentuated the point “Kachara me Paisa hai” by saying that nothing is useless, nobody is hopeless but we must be people with minds that think and do. He then went on to give practical suggestions of how the words “Kachara me Paisa hai” becomes a reality by showing us how garbage turns into something valuable. Therefore, what we need is PASSION. After which we had the celebration of the Holy Eucharist wherein Fr. Xavier Devadas (Baba) shared his life experience of LETTING GO.


DAY TWO began with Baba sharing about his life as a blank paper and all his life experiences colored and written by various people who filled the blank paper. He exhorted us to be people who can be thinkers and not only doers.


He told us that we are the future and the path finders of our province and congregation. We need to walk with 3P’s (Positivity, Passion, Potential) and have listening attitude to reach for the truth. He spoke of a tree that gives more fruits receives more stones, in context to us practical trainees we must never give up and must take care of ourselves.


In the morning session we had the swapping of groups; those who were having Electrical course on day 1 had the plumbing course today and those who had plumbing course on day 1 had the electrical course today.


In the afternoon, Fr. Xavier Devadas (Baba) explained to us the concept of village and system of Panchayat Raj in order to understand the running of this house and groups formed by the technical boys. In the evening we had Baba taking us for the Eco-Tourism wherein we were introduced to the various eco-friendly projects developed at the centre, the bio gas plant, bio compost, grey water recycling, kitchen waste recycling, paper making, charcoal making, manure making, tapping solar energy, use of innovative ‘chulas’ to reduce pollution and eliminate cutting of large trees.


We were also introduced to innovative farming, like bottle garden, growing vegetables in sacks, garbage garden, innovative gardening, segregation of garbage, water recycling, making bio manure and vermi-culture, making charcoal from waste, making cooking gas from kitchen waste, making handmade paper from waste paper, solar cooker/dehydrator and many more. All this is well summed up in the basic mantra to conserve nature-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


In the late evening, we had the celebration of the Holy Eucharist where in Fr. Ajoy Fernandes was the main celebrant along with Fr. Ashley Miranda. During the sermon Fr. Ajoy spoke of the place as a living miracle; keeping in mind the vision one man had in mind and made it a reality with all the possibilities. After which we had a taize prayer service conducted by Dn. Charles.The day ended with singsong and barbeque for dinner.


DAY THREE being the final day, we concluded with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr Ashley Miranda. He said that our energy, enthusiasm, joy should be rooted in the love of God with gratitude in our hearts.

After the Eucharist we had the election among the Practical Trainees for the observer of Provincial Chapter 2013. The elected delegate was Cl. Daniel D’souza and the substitute was Cl. Mylin Noronha.


After our breakfast we gathered to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the community of Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha for their hospitality and kindness in all that they did for us. We left for the Pine Wood Resort to have a fun-filled and enjoyable time of togetherness.


These days of learning experiences left us with the thought ‘agar Baba kar sakte hai, toh hum kyun nahi’


Thanks to Vice Provincial of the Mumbai Province Rev. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes SDB.

Thanks to Community of Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha.Thanks to Karjat.



Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA


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