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Novice Ian Pinto


NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, November 16, 2012:  A course on group processes was held in the novitiate from 12-15 November, 2012. Fr. Ian Doulton sdb was the animator. The aim of the course was to help the novices to relate well with one another and with those whom they meet.


In the introductory session, Fr. Ian established the necessity of the course and briefed the novices on the next day’s programme. In a day there were four sessions: the first session helped the novices understand the effectiveness to two way communication with the help of an exercise; in the second session they were made to tell each other what was their impression of the other on a one to one basis.


This session proved to be a cracker and it really set the tone for the remaining sessions; in the third session, they were divided into groups of three and each one was given the chance to be a speaker, listener and evaluator. The purpose behind this was to help them become better communicators and active listeners; and in the fourth session they were given a few inputs on feedback.


On the following day two types of behaviours which are commonly used in today’s expression were dealt with: attacking behaviour like shouting and insulting and avoiding behaviour like sulking and depression were explained and discussed. Besides, assertive behaviour which is good and desirable was also explained.


The subsequent sessions were aimed at better understanding these three kinds of behaviour with the help of role plays, which were enacted by the novices. These were interesting and creative and they helped make the theory practical.


The final day’s sessions dealt with positive thinking as a pre-condition for assertive behaviour. An input was given and based on that the novices had to discuss in two’s and come up with practical ways of expressing assertive behaviour into practice.

On the whole the course was well-animated and facilitated by Fr. Ian Doulton which the novices very much appreciated. The novices showed their gratitude and appreciation by singing a song, reading an address and giving a card to Fr Ian.


The results of this course will gradually become evident as the novices become more assertive in their behaviour and strive to become balanced persons, especially in their Salesian way of life.



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