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By Titus E. D.


NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE, NOVEMBER 17, 2012 :   Gathering the entrepreneurs of the parish of St Therese Parish in the Northern Arabian Vicariate was the brainwave of Fr. Joy. For the last two months, he organized weekly meetings with them as a built up to the final programme. The weekly meetings centered around listening to each other’s difficulties in business, sharing ideas about business and also supporting each other in prayer.


The weekly meetings culminate in a program on Thursday, 15 November 2012. The program began at 7.15pm with a brief introduction from Iona, followed by a special mass celebrated by Fr. Joy Marangattikala.


Fr. Joy began the mass by welcoming the entrepreneurs who had come to worship the Lord of their business. He emphasized that the centre of their business is not money or technology but God who created them as evidenced in Psalm 127 “unless the Lord works, the workers labour in vain”.


In his homily, Fr. Joy drew an analogy between his vocation to priesthood and the entrepreneurs’ calling to set up their own business – it’s a special call from the Lord to do HIS work. The children’s choir with their melodious voice created a heavenly atmosphere at the Eucharistic Celebration.


After the Mass, Mr. Devassy recounted his journey as an entrepreneur with and without Christ (special thanks to Titus for the simultaneous translation into English). Devassy shared that initially he started his business ventures with the absence of Christ, depending on just himself and other human beings for his success. But soon, he found that his business world had collapsed around him as his friends deceived him in the pursuit of profit and personal gain.


Completely devastated, deeply in debt and on the brink on suicide, he turned to Christ for guidance and strength. The Lord then took over, closing doors for Devassy that would destroy him and opening others that were to his benefit. Through his experiences Devassy shared that by completely surrendering to the Lord and making Christ the centre and guiding force of his business, he has finally found peace.  With the help of the Holy Spirit he is gradually working his way out of his debt, all for the greater glory of God.


Next, Fr. Joy made an interesting audio-visual presentation of business cycles akin to a roller coaster ride – he took the participants on a business journey from initial optimism and euphoria to a downslide resulting in pessimism. This typically brings an entrepreneur to a crossroad which could lead to either a crash or endurance of the tough times, allowing the entrepreneur to climb back to happiness and success. He emphasized that at all times on the rollercoaster business ride, we should turn to the Lord – in moments of highs and lows, it is essential to stay tuned and focused on Christ as the guiding force.


The evening ended with a vote of thanks expressed by Mr. Sonu George.


Before leaving, participants were asked to complete a Feedback Form.  Light snacks were served as they left the venue feeling nourished and enriched.




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