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MATUNGA-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 21, 20012 :"We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind."

We the Children

Childhood is about innocence, playfulness, joy and freedom. On World Children’s Day- 20th November 2012, Don Bosco Balprafulta (Andheri) organised a fun filled event based on the theme – My Education, My Right.  This event was organized for more than 1,000 children, both girls and boys from various NGOs, CBOs (Community Based Organisations) and other marginalized communities.  The Chief Guest Ms. Tanuja Sant (CDO) K-East Ward and Mr.Navenath Shinde (Chief Officer, Childrens’ Aid Society) while speaking on the importance of Education reiterated that we need to give each child their Right to Education but also educate them to their responsibility and duty to study and become good and honest citizens of our country. This occasion was an opportunity for children to experience the spirit of celebration. 

The first part of the celebration included classroom activities where the children participated in different fun games. Through a craft kit, children used their imagination to create various works of art.  In the second part children enjoyed stage performances which included a mix of dance, live music and skit performed by the children from different participating communities.  Each child enjoyed the wholesome meals given.  Every child went home with smiles and happy memories of a joyful day.


This date, 20th November marks the anniversary of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1959.  The Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed on this same date in 1989.  This convention has been sanctioned by 191countries, including India.

  About Don Bosco Balprfulta

Don Bosco Balprafulta is a Salesian response to the desperate situation of marginalized children in the city of Mumbai.  Involved with promoting Child Rights since 2000, Don Bosco Balprafulta’s focus is to enable children procure their rights through State and Civil participation.  

Although ‘The Shelter’ and ‘Bosco Boys’ Home’ catered to several hundred youngsters, the city of Mumbai still had a very large number of youngsters in need of care and protection. It was felt that setting up an institution, would always limit the number of deprived children that could be helped. So the question arose- why not go to the streets instead of bringing children into the institution? Why not go into places where children are neglected and exploited, use the mechanisms of the State, and thus reach out to a larger group of children? Thus in the year 2000 Don Bosco Balprafulta was born with a vision to promote child rights through the care, protection, treatment and opportunities for the development of children in all walks of life, especially the lower-socio, economic and politically disadvantaged, through state, market and civil society participation.

Let’s give our children wings to fly high in the sky of Life!



Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA


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