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BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, NOVEMBER 24, 2012 :  The first day of the Religion Training camp ended with forty two boys, thirty nine girls and twelve Pastoral Youth Animation Team teaching the young adults fundamental prayers and explaining the nuances of religion to prepare them for the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation this year.


They sat in groups and the Teachers guided them on the beginnings of their religious journey.  The morning began with the children learning prayers in both Marathi and English. The afternoon was spent  veiwing the religious Film ‘The Bible’ with Marathi translations by Fr.Nelson Falcao, was the driving force in helping the children to understand the movie. The adult women of the parish contributed their time and effort in teaching and preparing the food for the assembled children.


The Mass prayers were practiced before evening mass and the Kristapurana was chanted after the Mass. The first day ended with curiosity and the thirst for more mysteries of the Faith to be elaborated. The day ended reciting the Rosary followed by a cultural program.


Second Day:   Hundred children came from the town and others villages in and around Bhingar to spend the second day in studying the prayers and the dictates of our faith. The afternoon was spent in viewing the film on the life and times of Moses of Egypt. The children had a hectic day as teachers ensured that the children learnt their prayers well, as a test would be conducted on the prayers taught the next day.


Third Day:  Hundred students  belonging  to the pre First Holy Communion, confirmation and post confirmation groups entered their final day of their study of prayer and catechism questions and answers today in an well enjoyed Dharma Shikshan Shibir at Bhingar. They all came from both urban and the rural villages in and around Bhingar . The morning was spent in memorizing the doctrines of faith put in query form. The afternoon was spent in tests taken.

Confession was held for the participants. Before mass prizes were awarded for participation and competency in making the camp a success. The day ended with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist by the Parish priest, Fr.  Nelson Falcao.  All those who offered their valuable time, energy and services were also appreciated and gifted with mememtos of recognition.


The Lay collaboration and teamwork of the Catechist  Jagtap and other catechists, Ms. Alphonsa, the Sacristan, the Parish council members and the kitchen staff helped make this camp a success. All left renewed and invigorated with the energy generated to pursue their goals and dreams.



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