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KARJAT-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 08, 2012:  On December 07, the Don Bosco Development Society brought thirty four members both women and men from six different bastis of Mumbai for an awareness program to Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha Karjat.


The group reached accompanied by two staff members at 10-30 am. Coming from the congested environment of their bastis in Mumbai to an open ground of sixty acres of land at the centre itself was a big experience for them.  Though they were tired of the long journey yet they looked very keen to get started with the proceeding for the day.


With the price of gas cylinder and kerosene going up the poor people living in the bastis are ones who are most affected. This was evident from their interest in wanting to know about making cooking fuel from the dry garbage. Fr. Xavier took this opportunity to give them a full session on Ecology, conservation of energy, reusing the garbage to make cooking briquettes. Of course the main slogan was “Kachre me Paisa hai”.


They were indeed amazed to see how the stinking garbage is not a useless waste but unclaimed wealth in our community. As they saw for themselves the working models of how the waste is churned in to energy and money at DBYS Karjat .Through the examples like the grey water recycling, making cooking gas from the kitchen waste, making briquettes from the dry waste etc. They were indeed highly motivated to convert the immense potentials awaiting them when they return.


Though the session was intense and heavy yet each one of them sat like eager school kid listening with wonder and awe. This was followed by the field visit in which they could see for themselves the working models of all that they heard. Neither the hot sun nor the fatigue could deter them from going through the walking tour with full enthusiasm.


They enjoyed the lunch and appreciated the hospitality. This being a day visit, they had absolutely no time to waste. Thus they were lead through the second session on conserving energy and using EM (Effective Micro -Organism) for their daily use.  Then they visited the Work shop and had first-hand experience in making the briquettes. With all these it was time to return to Mumbai.


All of them expressed their satisfaction about the visit. They looked energized, happy and enriched by the Eco visit.


Don Bosco Karjat deeply appreciate the initiative taken by the Don Bosco Development office in taking the trouble and facilitating this visit. Even though what we offer is very little but such visits are great enriching program for the poor and the marginalized section we serve.

We warmly encourage many of our communities who are working with the bastis to make such visits possible.



Don Bosco Provincial House,
Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA


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