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KAPADVANJ-AHMEDABAD, DECEMBER 19, 2012 :   DRISTI Don Bosco, Kapadvanj organized its sixth annual excursion for the women of Self Help Groups to Rajasthan from 05 to 07 December 2012. A total of two hundred twenty five women together with DRISTI staff attended this mega event of the year.


This excursion was planned much in advance by the DRISTI staff and prior information and forms were distributed to the groups and the required amount was collected from the groups.  Since there was big number of women interested in coming for this excursion, four private Luxury buses were arranged and the groups were divided according to clusters and villages so that they could build up a rapport with each other.


On December 05, 2012 at around 8.00 pm, women started coming to the centre for the outings and by 11.00 pm all the participants arrived. The women were made to sit in the quadrangle and a prayer song was sung invoking God’s blessings for safe journey. Then, Fr. Alex Fernandez sdb the vice rector of the house gave words of welcome to all the women, and wished them a happy journey. Fr. Mayank, Ms. Minaxi and Sanjaybhai instructed women about the rules which would have to be observed by all. With this all the women settled down in the bus for the journey.


The next day, early in the morning at 5.00 am, we arrived at Kesariyaji a well-known temple in Rajasthan. After freshening up and offering prayers and gifts in the temple we had breakfast and went shopping in Kesariyaji. Then we proceeded to Udaipur and its world famous palace. This was an exciting moment for all the women. They were really amazed to see the palace and learn some history of Rana Pratap and his horse Chetak from the palace guide.


After lunch, we visited another temple called Eklingji, but unfortunately we were unable to enter the temple because the time for DARSHAN was over. From there we proceeded to the temple town of Shreenathiji where we had arranged to stay the night. After allotting places in the dormitory the women went out to the market for shopping. This was followed by dinner and rest.


On the December 07,2012 the women were up by 3.30 am and rushed to the temple of Shreenathji for the morning worship. This was followed by breakfast and shopping at Shreenathji. The women excitedly purchased many things in remembrance of their visit. Then visited the Aastha organization at Bedla and were treated to a simple but tasty lunch. Soon after lunch we visited Saheliyono baag (a garden of maidens) and Moti magri. There women were happy and posed for photographs with their friends. We left Udaipur around 6.30 pm and reached Kapadvanj safe and sound at 2.00 am.


This excursion helped the women get to know each other and come closer to the staff as well. This was an opportunity for a holiday free from the daily household chores and worries and to be themselves at least once in a year.



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